Monday, October 11

My Craft Room and Latest Projects

We have spent the better part of this week converting our loft into a craft/play area.

Our craft room has always been in my bedroom.

But now, we moved all of my furniture, fabrics, and other craft supplies upstairs.

I now have a lot more room to sew, draw, and work on crafts.

My bedroom now has a lot more space and seems bigger.

My Dad made a lamp shade out of a tomato cage and we covered it with fabric, and added ribbon, and paper flowers.

Here are some pictures of it.

My mom and I made wall flowers and tacked them up onto the wall.

We are hoping to add more soon.

This is the furniture that we have up there.

The fabric that is laying over the arm of the love seat is what we are going to make pillows out of.

This is our craft/play area.

These are a few projects that my mom and I have been working on.

Fabric bracelets.

And rosette rings

More soon!!!


sarahdodson said...

How fun! Looks great, Hannah!!

Our Family said...

that lampshade is a really neat idea =)

Alison said...

How nice! I would love to have a craft room. I like the way you are decorating!

Emily said...

That is so neat. I love your decorating style. :) I would love to have a studio. My sister in law just converted their front porch into a studio too.