Monday, May 9

I'm Back!!!!

It has been a long time since I have posted and I'm sorry. I had a booth at a homeschool convention in OKC about 2 weeks ago, and was busy sewing for that. Then my aunt, uncle, grandmother, and cousins came and stayed for a few days. So we have been really busy.

The convention went really well. I sold my aprons, dolls, add-on flowers, some headbands, and camera straps. My brothers sold some guitar stands, guitar picks, and some leather field journals. I have pictures, but my computer deleted all of the pictures, and now it won't let me upload pictures. We are working on it though.

We had a lot of fun with my family up here. My grandmother got to stay 2 weeks more than everyone else, so we are enjoying her company.

I have lots of pictures of some projects that I've been working on, but... maybe next time.:)

We started our garden! We planted lettuce, potatoes, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, jalapenos pepper, and some herbs. So far, everything has done great! I will post pictures when I can.

We have been outside a lot lately. The weather has been really nice. I am about to go outside and play with my brothers, so I need to go.

I'll be back.:)