Monday, July 25


Our garden didn't produce much this year. We were able to get onions, potatoes, yellow squash, strawberries, some yellow pear tomatoes, and a couple of jalapeno peppers before it died. We really enjoyed what we had of everything. Here are a few pictures that I did take.

I received some patterns for stuffed elephants, shoulder bags, and hand bags a while back.
I really enjoy trying out new patterns, so this was a lot of fun for me.
I want to make myself a bag, but I am thinking about changing the pattern a little.
Here are some pictures.

These were my first two elephants.
This is the hand bag.
These are the shoulder bags.

More elephants!:)

I will be starting some new projects in the next couple of weeks and will post pictures.
Goodbye for now.

Saturday, July 9

Another Great Giveaway!!!

I know that the last two times that I have posted have been about giveaways, but there have been a lot of them lately.:)

This one is from Jo's totes.

It is a giveaway for a really cute camera bag.
If you would like to enter, go here.