Thursday, January 27

8 years ago...

... my little brother, Luke, was born. I am very thankful for him and for who the Lord has made him.

He is courageous, strong, brave, kind, loving, manly, respectful, and most of all, he loves the Lord.

Luke is one of a kind.

And I love him!

Luke, I hope that you have a very Happy Birthday!!!

Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice.

Phillippians 4:4

Sunday, January 9

It is...

I have been hoping that it would snow so that I could take a picture of a snowflake
close-up. Finally, this afternoon, it started. I saw a snowflake on my coat, quickly snapped pictures, and ended up with this.


Monday, January 3

My Scrap Happy Dolls

Recently I found a pattern for these rag dolls.
They are super simple and fun to make. They take very little time to complete.
I have really enjoyed making them.

The one above is my favorite. :)

The best thing about them is that I use scraps to make them(thus the name" Scrap Happy Dolls").

Sunday, January 2

'10 in 10

My mom challenged me to describe 2010 in 10 words. So I have thought about and I think that 2010 has been:
Fellowship(with friends new and old),
Healthy(except for strep throat and mono)
and Aprons.
I challenge you to try this as well.
It is a lot of fun and I think that you will enjoy it.
Happy New Year from my family to yours.