Sunday, October 10

Fiesta/Fair Weekend

Last Saturday, we went to Texas for a fiesta/fair. Me and my family had a booth along with some friends and my Aunt Jess.
I sold my homemade aprons, camera straps, bookmarks, pin cushions, and accessory pins.
My friends sold their homemade hair pins, plush owls, candle boxes, baked goods, felt wallets, and coasters.
And my aunt displayed her photography.
Our booth was full!!!
Here are some pictures of our booth.
It looks like he is enjoying that sucker!

Look at how messy he got!

Half Aprons
Full Aprons

Accessory pins

Pin Cushions

Camera Straps
Hair Pins

Flower Head Band

More Flower Head Bands

Hair pins

Felt Wallets

Plush Owls
Candle Boxes

Our trip to Texas was short but fun!
I enjoyed seeing family and friends.
We had a birthday party for my cousin and a surprise party for a friend.
My cousin turned 10 last Monday.
And my friend's birthday was last Sunday.
My Grandmother was able to come back here with us and she is going to stay for 2 weeks!
So far we have really enjoyed our time with her.
Before we went to Texas I was really busy!
I had a lot of sewing to do and I had school and chores.
I am very thankful because my family helped a lot with everything!
I recently read Corrie ten Boom's book, "The Hiding Place".
I read it once last year and wanted to read it again this year.
I really enjoyed it and encourage you to read it if you haven't.
It is an amazing story of a woman and her family that lived during the time of World War II.
It is a story of her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
And how she and her family changed many lives.
I hope to blog more soon!
God Bless!

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Alison said...

I have started reading "The Hiding Place" and I can't put it down! :)

Your pictures are very pretty.