Sunday, October 25


I have started a Bible study for some younger children in our neighborhood.
I named it Seedlings (which stands for, Serving,Encouraging, Enlightning, Doing, Loving, Inspiring, Nurturing, and Growing in the Savior).
We always quote our verse that we memorized. And have a little study on our new verse. We always do a small craft.
And we sometimes sing a song.

I had to video this about five or six times!

If you want to be a long distant member, you can check every week for the new verse that we will be memorizing. All that you have to do is memorize the verse and quote it to your parents.
I hope that you can be a member.
Here is this weeks verse,
Draw nigh to God, and He will Draw nigh to you.
James 4:8


sarahdodson said...

Hannah, how wonderful this is!!! A few weeks ago, Mikayla told me she wanted to be a Christian "like Hannah." Wow. Lord willing, that will come to pass. You are a blessing. I'd love for my children to be able to attend your Bible study, but alas, we live a BIT too far away :o) Keep it up!!

Christy said...

I wish my kids could come!! Reading your blog always makes me smile, Hannah! What a blessing.

And Sarah, I LOVE that Mikayla said that.. Lord willing! :)

Heather said...

What a wonderful way to share your faith! We will be praying for you bible study!