Monday, October 19

How does your garden grow?

Early last Spring, our family planted a raised garden. Although we are at the end of the growing season and are harvesting the last of our vegetables, we are very thankful that God allowed our garden to produce so well.
We have had a bountiful supply of okra, tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers.
We also had tomatillas, which worms and our dog, Maggie, seemed to love.

We had so much fun planting and maintaning our garden. We especially enjoyed eating all that we harvested from it!!!


birdhaus_dad said...


Great blog. I love the pictures and all the hard work you are doing. You are such a blessing to your Mom and I.


Emily said...

Hi! How fun to see that you are blogging! Your pictures are very nice. I didn't know dogs liked tomatillas!

Heather said...

Hoping we can have our very own garden some day!