Monday, July 25


Our garden didn't produce much this year. We were able to get onions, potatoes, yellow squash, strawberries, some yellow pear tomatoes, and a couple of jalapeno peppers before it died. We really enjoyed what we had of everything. Here are a few pictures that I did take.

I received some patterns for stuffed elephants, shoulder bags, and hand bags a while back.
I really enjoy trying out new patterns, so this was a lot of fun for me.
I want to make myself a bag, but I am thinking about changing the pattern a little.
Here are some pictures.

These were my first two elephants.
This is the hand bag.
These are the shoulder bags.

More elephants!:)

I will be starting some new projects in the next couple of weeks and will post pictures.
Goodbye for now.


Abigail said...

It looks like y'alls garden did better than ours Hannah! It has just been too hot and dry. Those elephants are adorable and I love the shoulder bags! You did a really good job. :)

denimcowgirl said...

Our garden hasn't done too well either. Its just been way too hot.... for too long! Those elephants are cute. I have the same pattern and have made it a couple times. They are fun to sew! :)

Amanda Marie said...

Nice garden pics and cute bags! =)

Alison said...

I'm glad your garden did produce some. The strawberry is so cute. :)
The green shoulder bag is my favorite.

Sarah said...

The elephants are so cute........ Julia has made some like that. :)

Anna said...

Those Elephants are adorable!
I grew some tomatoes but they did do well at all.
your strawberries look so good,
and I like those bags!

Great Job Hannah! : )

Mike and Misty said...

I love the bags and the elephants...are you selling these things? I might be interested :) Lord you!

Heather said...

I would love to buy one of the bags if you are selling them. I need to call you guys. We miss you.