Tuesday, March 2


I've been really busy this past week, and haven't had time to post. My Aunt, cousins, and Grandmother came and stayed for a few days. We always enjoy having them over for a visit. One evening we ate "Popolsicles" and "Wollipops" as my youngest cousin called them.

On my last birthday, my parents gave me a certificate for some cooking classes. I was making aprons at the same time that I was taking the classes. I noticed that the store didn't sell many aprons, so I asked the store owner if they would be willing to put mine on consignment. They agreed and seven of my aprons have sold since December. I recently sold one and I am going to start working on a new one today. Hopefully, I will have it completed by tomorrow. The store owner suggested that I make one with Spring fabrics. My Grandmother helped me pick out the fabrics. They are so cute. I am thankful that the Lord has given me this opportunity.

Next week, my Dad and my brothers are going on a camping trip. They are so excited. It has been fun to watch them prepare. They have packed and repacked their bags. I hope that they have a blessed time in the scriptures and in God's creation.

Since we have added so many new members to Seedlings, we are starting new verses( that way we will all be starting at the same time). I am excited about the new members. My prayer is that God's Word would be written on their hearts.

Recently we found out that some close family friends are going to be moving about one and a half hours away. We are very excited about that. Hopefully we will be able to see them often. We have missed them and their fellowship.

I hope that you all have a blessed week.


Heather said...

Hope to see you all soon!

Emily said...

What a fun time with your family! I love the wollypops. :) I am so excited for you to be selling aprons!

Christy said...

Hannah, I wanted to thank you for the hat you made for Henry!! He thinks it is a toy and he loves to play with it! He should be getting his helmet off soon and I'm excited for him to wear the hat you made.. of course, with all the warm weather he might have to wait until next year. Thanks again! So sweet!!

Mrs. Walker said...

Thank you for the comments on my blog. I don't get to post there very much now that I'm so busy being a mom to three boys, but I hope to at least keep some up to date pictures there.
You are growing into such a wonderful, Godly young woman! I praise the Lord the the grace He is bestowing on you and the the gifts you are using to bring glory to His name.
Lots of love to you and yous family!